Oldham Mosques Council

The Oldham Mosques Council was formed in 2001 after the civic disturbances that occured in Oldham.
It includes leaders/members of 35 Mosques within Oldham. The organisation aims to tackle inequality, and to build good relations between Oldham residents from different faiths and people of no faith.

Abdul Basit Shah, the Acting Chair of the OMC, said: Oldham Mosques Council has been very active in helping members of the community (both Muslim and non-Muslim) to stay safe and well.

Our covid briefing sessions culminated in a series of mass vaccination events:  10-11 April at Greengate St Mosque. Two similar events were held at the Millennium Centre, Westwood - the first on Sat March 13th when 719 vaccinations were performed and the second on Sat 20th where more than 1000 people received vaccination. More Vaccinations were performed at Greengate St Mosque on Apr10th (531) and 11th(604) and at Oldham Central Mosque on the 10th (950).

The events have been organised by Oldham Mosques Council, Oldham Interfaith Forum and Oldham Central Mosque, with the support of Oldham Council, Action Together and medical staff from the NHS, the British Army, Navy and RAF
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Oldham Mosques Council have produced a poster detailing safe practices (July 4th 2020)
which can be downloaded here ⯈

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